VIA DELLE CARROZZE 81-82, ROMA Spanish Steps - Piazza di Spagna
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The Boutique



Via delle Carrozze: an address that evokes the carriages from the Belle Epoque era and memories of rustling silks! We are just a stone's throw away from the famous Spanish Steps and yet here, at number 81, for over forty years has been the creative space of Marisa Padovan. The atmosphere is relaxed and mellow.

The impression you get once you pass through the door gives the feeling of being surrounded by a kaleidoscope of fresh vibrant colours, walls beautifully covered with dozens of swimsuits and beach clothes. The only concession to technology, a flat screen that shows the photo-shoots and backstage photography.

Whoever enters the Boutique, whether in summer or in winter, well knows he is in the very centre of Rome. But with a touch of imagination is easily whisked away to tropical islands and the beaches that cover the coastline.